APCMs 2021

Find below the forms needed for APCMs in 2021. Note these forms include the fit and proper declarations for nominations now required to be signed before the meetings.

Calling the Meeting

Calling the Meeting
This notice must be displayed at least 2 Sundays before the meeting is held (under rule M2(2) page 73)

Notice that Churchwardens will be elected
This notice must also be displayed at least 2 Sundays before the meeting

APCM Election forms

Churchwarden Nomination Form including the ‘Fit for Purpose’ declarations
These must be signed before the meeting

Deanery Synod Nomination Form
This year we elect to Deanery Synod new members for three years.

PCC Member Nomination Form
If your PCC doesn’t elect a third of members each year then every member should be nominated. If you have not filled in a ‘Fit for Purpose’ declaration it would be good if all members do this year.

Electoral Roll

Notice to revise the Roll
This year we only need to revise the Roll but you must publish the roll 14 days before the meeting. Post this notice at least 2 months before the meeting and remain on display for more than 14 days. The Roll revised period should be no more than 28 days before the meeting but no later than 15 days before the meeting.

Result of Meeting

Results of Election Meeting
Please display this meeting in the same place the ‘calling the meeting’ notices were for at least 14 days following the meeting


Further information can be found at https://www.parishresources.org.uk/pccs/apcms/