The Church of England and the Clarendon Church can use various forms for administration and legal purposes these can be found here.

Electoral Roll Form

Each Parish has an Electoral Roll which is a list of members of the church who are able to vote at annual meetings and can also qualify to be married in the church. Please sign the attached form and return to the office, the churchwarden, or the Electoral Roll Officer in the church.

Annual Parochial Church Meetings

Each parish has an annual meeting called the APCM which has various forms associated with the running of this meeting to be in-line with the Church Representation Rules for the Church of England.

Details of these forms and procedures can be found here are are updated on an annual basis.
Forms for APCMs in 2023

Monument application

Before any gravestone/headstone or plaque marking the position of ashes in the churchyard can be introduced, you must get permission from the church. Normally your stonemason will do this for you, and they will be fully conversant with the regulations of the church. There is an associated fee for this application and usually your stone mason will take care of this as well.

Form for the application to introduce a monument into churchyard