Here you will find information and guidance about churchyard matters: if you can be buried in one of our churchyards, information about burial of cremated remains, grave stones and monuments.

Our churchyards are governed by the regulations set by the Dioceses of Salisbury. These regulations are intended to keep our churchyards having a traditional rural feel, to be places of peace to remember loved ones.

General Guidance on Churchyard (Diocese of Salisbury)

This document gives an overview of Churchyard matters

The Full Churchyard Regulations (Diocese of Salisbury)

This document give the full regualtions including types of stone for gravestones, lettering and style.

Local Regulations

In addition to the above regulations, some of the Clarendon Churches have their own additional local regulations which should be read together with the above:

Monument application

Before any gravestone or plaque marking the position of ashes in the churchyard can be introduced, you must get permission from the church. Normally your stonemason will do this for you, and they will be fully conversant with the regulations of the church. There is an associated fee for this application and usually your stone mason will take care of this as well.

Form for the application to introduce a monument into churchyard