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The 5th December 2021
Advent 2

By time across all churches

8:00am – BCP Eucharist at West Dean, St Mary’s
8:00am – BCP Eucharist at Whiteparish, All Saints
9:15am – Parish Eucharist at West Grimstead, St John’s
9:15am – Parish Eucharist at Winterslow, All Saints
9:30am – Morning Worship at Whiteparish, All Saints
11:00am – Parish Eucharist at Farley, All Saints
11:00am – Advent Service for all the Family at Pitton, St Peter’s
4:00pm – Café Church at Alderbury, St Mary’s

By Church

Alderbury, St Mary’s
    4:00pm – Café Church

Farley, All Saints
    11:00am – Parish Eucharist

Pitton, St Peter’s
    11:00am – Advent Service for all the Family

West Dean, St Mary’s
    8:00am – BCP Eucharist

West Grimstead, St John’s
    9:15am – Parish Eucharist

Whiteparish, All Saints
    8:00am – BCP Eucharist
    9:30am – Morning Worship

Winterslow, All Saints
    9:15am – Parish Eucharist