Clarendon Calendars

Events in October 2023

Sunday 1st     11:00am Harvest Festival  …  †☆ Whiteparish, All Saints
Monday 2nd  
Tuesday 3rd  
Wednesday 4th  
Thursday 5th  
Friday 6th  
Saturday 7th     12:15pm Wedding of - Bradford/Roberts …  † Winterslow, All Saints
    12:30pm Wedding of - Hall/O Rouke  † Alderbury, St Mary's
Sunday 8th  
Monday 9th  
Tuesday 10th  
Wednesday 11th  
Thursday 12th  
Friday 13th  
Saturday 14th     3:00pm Wedding of - Jackman/Thorpe-Manley …  † Alderbury, St Mary's
Sunday 15th  
Monday 16th  
Tuesday 17th  
Wednesday 18th  
Thursday 19th  
Friday 20th  
Saturday 21st  
Sunday 22nd     10:00am Team Eucharist  † West Dean, St Mary's
Monday 23rd  
Tuesday 24th  
Wednesday 25th  
Thursday 26th  
Friday 27th  
Saturday 28th  
Sunday 29th  
Monday 30th  
Tuesday 31st