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Calendar Event for the 25th July 2021

Let the people Sing

At Whiteparish, All Saints

On Sunday 25th July 2021

Starts at 6:00pm

This is a Service taken by Revd Jane Dunlop


A special ‘Festival for a lost Year’
Let the people sing – again!
“Let the people sing!”  This cry from the heart is being taken up at the village church, All Saints, Whiteparish.
On Sunday, 25th July, at 6pm, there will be a special service to mark nine of the key feasts and seasons of the Christian calendar, starting with Advent and ending, fittingly, with All Saints.
The service will be called a ‘Festival for a Lost Year’ and reflects the fact that it has been hard to follow the normal chronology of the church year for the last eighteen months or so, due to pandemic-induced closures and restrictions.
For each of the nine feasts or seasons there will be a bible reading followed by some music.  And for many of them, that music will be a well known and much loved congregational hymn.
The choir will be there too and will contribute a number of anthems to the worship.  Most excitingly for them, Salisbury Cathedral’s Director of Music, David Halls, has very generously written a new anthem for them, related to All Saints, specifically with this very special service in mind.
Light refreshments will be served to those who wish to stay after the service.  The collection will be for the new servery which now has full approval to be built in the south-west corner of the church.
So, come along and sing your heart out. “Let the people sing!” indeed.

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