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Calendar Event for the 23rd February 2020

Healing Eucharist

At Winterslow, All Saints

On Sunday 23rd February 2020

Starts at 9:15am

This is a Service taken by Rev Beth Hutton, Rev David Perry


Our main communion service with hymns - followed by refreshments. This service includes the laying on of hands and prayer for those who would like to receive God's healing. The service uses contemporary language and is suitable for all.


Exodus 24.12-18

2 Peter 1.16-21

Matthew 17.1-9



John Hawkins

Lesley Waters


Lydia Lambert



Kay Putman

Chris Nelberg


-Chalice: Janet Fry


-Warden: Mike MJ



Carmen Greenlees


-Service Book:



71, 504, 129, 483

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