Clarendon Calendars

Calendar Event for the 9th February 2020

Morning Praise

At Winterslow, All Saints

On Sunday 9th February 2020

Starts at 9:15am

This is a Service taken by Michael Barratt


Morning Praise service with Songs and Hymns and talk, a family orientated worship for Sunday morning.


Isaiah 58.1-9a

1 Corinthians 2.1-12[13-16]

Matthew 5.13-20

-Readers: Bill Thompson

Lydia Lambert


-Intercessor: Rosemary Griffiths


-Sidespersons: Steve Langdown

Jill Houghton


-Warden: Bill Thompson


-Coffee:  Alison Garbett


-Service Book: 87


-Hymns: Go Tell it on the Mountain; Shine Jesus Shine; Gave Thanks with a Grateful Heart; Like a Candle Flame; Give me Oil in my Lamp; We are Marching


-Theme: We carry Jesus's Light.  We are expected not to hide it but to go forth into the world shining it brightly in our lives and actions


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